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Open SAM broadcaster and make the Setup of your Radio.

like below

When your setup is finish clic on OK

On SAM broadcaster select the menu "Windows" and select "Encoder"


Click on the button file and select “NEW” the window Select plugin opens,

like below

then select your bitrate according to your subscription on www.stream-music.net


All stream music Severs are compatible Mp3 or AAC+ - AAC+V1 - AAC+V2


Click on the menu “server Detail” and inform the field as indicated in the email www.stream-music.net parameters

click OK,

Click on the button play


You must see on your panel the server connected like below


and on your Shoutcast page tvxx.stream-music.net:XXXX



For the Statistics Relay

On SAM broadcaster select the menu "Windows" and select "Statistic Relays"

Click on + or Add and Select "Shoutcast statistic relays"

Setup the paramters of your server , For Example like below and click OK

click on play or F10 for update the statistic